Almost 30 is a top-rated lifestyle podcast, media platform, and community brought to life by LA-based best friends, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik.

"Think of K + L as your virtual best friends who are there to listen, share, and learn right along with you."

Hailed as "The Best Wellness Podcast to Listen to Right Now" by Coveteur, Krista and Lindsey have created an online and offline space where listeners can gather, relate and join them in navigating any transition as their best selves. Think of them as your virtual best friends, who are there to listen, share, and learn right along with you.

Delving into themes such as wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, self-development and so much more, Krista and Lindsey are known for creating real, raw and hilarious moments during their weekly interviews with fascinating guests. 

Each episode proves to provide their listeners with actionable aha! moments and highly relatable stories.

With over 12 million downloads, the podcast has reached people in over 150 countries. "Almost 30 Nation" is made up of inspiring, enthusiastic and loyal listeners who are forming a connected community through events that have attracted over 2,000 attendees. Krista and Lindsey have also collaborated with brands such as Nicole Miller, Tory Burch, Kopari, HUM Nutrition and more; and have been featured in Nordstrom's The Thread, Brit + Co, Chalkboard Magazine, and Buzzfeed.




Krista Williams is a social media influencer and creator/editor of the blog, The Hundred Blog. Hundred stands for keep it one hundred (her life motto). She has been featured in Women's Health, Self Magazine, Refinery29 and various other outlets. 

She partners closely to share her honest perspective with cutting edge thoughtful brands, like Airbnb, Adidas, Free People and Starwood Hotel Group to name a few. 


In addition, she is the Host of Almost 30 Podcast, a top 100 podcast, top 5 in health, with a following all over the world. It has over 6M+ downloads in 2 years and has been called 'Your Virtual Best Friends' by Coveteur. Almost 30 is a global community, with hosted events all over the world. 

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"Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, the hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, provide lifestyle advice for practically everyone. With conversations about manifestations, spirituality and nutrition, you’re guaranteed to take some advice away that can be applied to your own life. Listening in feels like focusing on personal growth with two of your friends. Make sure to have a pencil handy -- you’ll want to keep track of the inspiration you receive. "

"Hosts Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are here to be those virtual buds: Each week, they chat with wellness experts and life coaches of all kinds, covering everything from self-care to money-saving tips to the art of forgiveness—all the while sharing their own highly relatable stories."

2018 Best Wellness Podcast of the Year Nominee




An innovator from birth, Lindsey Simcik was the type of kid who treated imaginary friends to a self-produced three-act musical in her living room. She graduated from her fireplace performances and moved onto the big stage in cities like Boston and New York.

Currently based in LA, Lindsey's boldest job description in life is that of 'CREATOR.' Whether she is writing, singing, or bringing characters like “Just Alicia” to life, she is re-defining success by the day and using her hustle to make waves in and out of her main offices in Santa Monica. She loves plants, singing and slow mornings.

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"The ladies of Almost 30 deliver raw, honest, and light-hearted episodes with their roster of experts that are more relatable than you could imagine."

"Almost 30 This podcast is basically me hanging out with my girlfriends, but more educational. I absolutely love hosts Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik for their incessant curiosity and great guests who focus on all aspects of the wellness industry."

The Team

It takes more than just the two of us to keep this ship afloat and running smoothly. Click through to meet our truly extraordinary team!


Chloe Leonard is a designer and creative director and has been with the podcast since the beginning. While she's not working her magic behind the scenes of Almost 30, she's designing websites, logos, brands, social media campaigns, and more for an amazing list of clients at her personal design studio. Chloe was born and raised in Northern California (the small town of Novato, just outside of San Francisco), attended Chapman University in Southern California, and studied public relations in Florence, Italy. During her time in college, she met Lindsey as a devoted rider in her SoulCycle Newport Beach classes, leading to her start with Almost 30 as their intern while finishing school, and the rest is history.

Chloe has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and English has worked with clients and companies like Tori Spelling, HUM Nutrition, Y7 Studio, and more. Today, you can find Chloe living in Los Angeles, teaching Krista and Lindsey all of her "cool" millennial lingo, stealing aux cords and playing Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack" everywhere she goes.

creative director



Meet Chara. Certified holistic nutritionist, trainer, health coach, animal lover, smoothie Queen of the North West and the Ambassador Leader for the Almost 30 nation. 

Aligning with the Almost 30 pillars, Chara lives and breathes everything health and wellness. Just look at a day in the life… When she’s not empowering and connecting with the Almost 30 community, you can find Chara training and coaching her clients, writing wellness blogs, creating recipes, planning health and fitness events, and rolling on the floor with her 2 cats. 

She thrives on supporting women, strengthening their overall confidence through creating a sustainable positive lifestyle which is exactly why she’s the face of the Ambassador Program for Almost 30. 

‘From the get-go, the Almost 30 podcast was more than an hour of fun, educative listening, it was a lifestyle and a community and one that I am extremely proud to now be apart of.'' -Chara

ambassador leader



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